04 May

Website Communication Plan

plan de communication pour votre site web internet cloud canada

A Website communication plan is essential. Why? Because it will make possible the completion of your goals. Many people start a website without knowing where they go.

To avoid the use of chance, good fortune often knocks on the door of those who provokes it. What initiatives have you put in place in order to reach your audience?

You must first answer some basic questions:

a) Why do you do this site?

b) The products or services will served who  exactly?

c) What is the main message to convey about your products and services?

d) What resources will you put in place to communicate this message?

e) How will you deliver the message or by who, by what media?

All the reflections you make and the answers to these questions will be your website communication plan. The plan will establish accurately the effective way to communicate with your target customers and succeed in this mission.


Why establish a communication plan?

As mentioned, first of all in order to properly target your audience. If you plan from the start, it will greatly reduce the effort and time invested to look for mistakes done. A plan will help you develop your business, your profits and establish brand awareness.


When do i need to establish a communication plan?

Ideally, from the start of your internet business but, it is never too late to start it. You may be already a successfull entrepreneur and you want to bring in your devlopment a website to reinforce your company. Therefore, even if you are in business for a long time, your web communication plan may nest perfectly along the way.


What additional elements to consider?

After answering the basic questions, include the following:

– Evaluate and consider your resources (human and financial) to be in this plan;

– Plan possible barriers or emergencies;

– Specify with whom and through what media you will spread the message;

– Establish how you will evaluate your goals and when you will do it;


What is the aim of this approach?

The overall goal is to be recognized or more recognized in your community and attract the interest of potential customers. Establishing a clear communication will help recruit participants, partners or employees that will help you in your task.

The fact of gaining public support for your products and services by educating for example, will benefit your brand.

The communication plan help you advertise honors you receive or your success. The resolution of errors, misunderstandings or interpretations are identified and all your staff knows how to manage these situations. You get certainly a better reaction and evaluation of those who oppose you, such as competition.


The Audience

In your search to achieve your plan, ask yourself some questions:

– Are you trying to change attitudes or cause a reflection/progress on a specific topic?

– Geographically, to whom your products and services will served?

– Are you targeting several age groups?

– Do these people are part of an identifiable group? (Smoking, skilled worker, student …)

This is important because you need to adjust the message for each different group that you will speak to according to their age, gender, culture, etc.


Message Verification

Now that we have the objectives and the target audience, we must write the message. You will need to consider three key elements before sending your message:

a) What emotions are involved in your message?

Is your message aggressive? Too extreme or negative? The message would make someone uncomfortable versus religion, age, sex, addiction or other?

You must put yourself in the shoes of different characters and feel the message as these people. Usually it is better to use a positive message that unites more people.

b) Is the content of your message structured?

The message must demonstrate a clear communication structure. Your message must be transmitted with a minimum quality. Plan your phrases, lighten the text, choose the words and avoid spelling mistakes.

Make your message clear and linked to your audience. Adapt the language to the group with cultural references if necessary.

c) Is there a better communication language?

This is the place to choose if your message will be in English, French or both. It may also be in a language other than these.

Pay close attention to translations. Make sure the content is properly translated with quality. If the translation greatly reduces the text, do another web design for that language.

A loss on this level could incorporate feelings like something is missing or you mask critical information to them!


Methods to convey the message

This is the last step, which should in principle be easier because you know what to send, to whom, when and why!

You can send your message by:

– Advertized banners;

– Free or paid online ads;

– A partnership with other websites;

–  Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter …;

– Word of mouth !

This is the step that people jump directly to without asking themselves whether this is the right one. Having faith in luck or take a chance do not guarantee success .

You can actually over a period be lucky and get good results but rarely it will last if your decisions are not based on a good plan.

For your website, a communication plan is essential. It will spread your message to the right people at the lowest possible cost and with the highest efficiency!

Try it!

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