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Technical Services

Technical Services. Technical Services, software and hardware. Computer repair. Server Support & configuration. Our technicans can setup any devices. Call us : 438.538.8777


Technical Services – Technical Services


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You need a software or an operating system?

Microsoft Windows 7, Windos 8.1, Office 2013 or others available!

Software Installation

We are able to install on all your computers various software needed such as an operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Linux) or applications such as Microsoft Office 2013, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe PDF PRO.

Software Training

It is very important to maximize our software investment. So we offer customized training to master the full potential of your operating system or your software. Our training is given only as private lessons at home or in business.

Data Transfer & Backups

On a computer change, it is not always easy to make an exact copy of your data. We offer a complete transfer service of your data, photos and videos to your new computer. We can also proactively make backups of your data!

Professional Technical Services!

When you call our qualified technicians at Internet Cloud Canada, this is the guarantee that all problems you have encountered with your softwares or devices will be solved!

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Antivirus Installation

Some software platforms are more exposed than others to malicious spywares or viruses. We are able to protect your computer by installing a good antivirus but also by giving you great tips on internet navigation.

Network Configuration

Network installation at home or at work is a complex task that requires careful planning of equipment and software as well as exact configuration. We can handle small and large projects, internal wiring and all your network devices!

Software Optimization

Your PC is slow? Optimization of parameters may be required! We will install the latest updates and will make an assessment of the problem. It is possible to recover the original speed of your computer with our actions and our tips!

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CDN Hosting

Enjoy a fast server in a data center located geographically close to your potential customers. Your media files and your content will be delivered quickly! This is the most popular web hosting plan at Internet Cloud Canada.

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Free Domain Name!

Get a FREE .COM domain name for 1 year with the purchase of any of our Web Creation Package. If you already have your domain name, we will be happy to renew it for one year. Take advantage of this offer and enjoy our freebie!

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