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Web Design and creation packages for your business website or your personal website. Pick one of our fabulous solution to have a great impact over the internet and in your business category. Our Web Design and our designers stands out the competition. We offer 3 different web design packages to suit all needs. Dont’s forget to get your SEO package along your web design or your web creation service. Seo is a must for all webmasters who want to sell goods or services. Ordinateurs à rabais is one of our customers. have a look at their website. When you’ll choose the best web design packgae for you, we are sure you’ll be satisfied with us! Web design is the key to success. No one will stay on a website not correctly designed or responsive. Be part of the best websites on the net with us!

* All customers must provide to the Web developer, the pictures or royalty free stock footage they intend to broadcast on their website. Internet Cloud Canada can also buy / create pictures and videos for you, ask us for details!
** Customers must provide all text content in French or English (your choice) they intend to broadcast on their website. The translation into a foreign language other than English, French or Spanish must be provided by the customer for all terms used in the site.

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Technical Support plans available (12 month term or at unit price)
NAME OF PLAN Duration / Month Updates REPORTS PRICE
Unit Price Precise Demand Not Applicable INCLUDED YES 104

OCCUPIED The Essential

30 minutes INCLUDED NO 39

BUSY Enhancement

60 minutes INCLUDED YES 69

TOO BUSY Full Charge

180 minutes INCLUDED YES 169

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