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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

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There is a service that is gaining popularity here ar Internet Cloud Canada : SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It goes without saying that it is important these days to be seen on Google because the more you are visible, the more you drive your mission: to inform, sell your products and services, etc.

There are many factors, which now exceed one hundred to position a website. The algorithms of search engines are changing rapidly and some versions are excluding websites by their method of referencing.

The era of doorway pages” and other software tools for automatic submissions in thousands of directories or simply put text for text in the pages are long gone! These techniques have contributed to widespread SPAM in the search results and officials have taken the issue seriously to correct the problem.

Unless be in the IT field and keep informed at the highest point, SEO has now become a specialty.

It goes without saying that there are always players in this area that charge crazy prices by promising you the moon but , it is possible to have excellent results with no guarantee of being the first to top list.

It is impossible for a domain name that has just been registered to compete with another, well referenced and updated for years. This is why we need a strategic plan first.


The Strategy

The strategy starts from a good web design (a website well programmed to current standards). Then the technician / developer should make the code consistent with industry standards and ensure that the pages will load fast.

Once the clean code and adjustment made to the server ( general content compression, set the duration of cache headers, compress modules css and javascript etc), it is time to make the strategy oriented on the mission of your website .

Our employees always do an analysis of the competition on their SEO performance, their website and keywords. It is possible with some adjustments to carve a path to the top with better keywords, better content (text and photos) and narrow the gap with competitive websites.

We call it a marathon and not a sprint. So the strategy should be applied to long-term and perhaps be modeled to new factors observed month after month and also according to the changes made to the algorithms of search engines.



I just exposed 2 or 3 factors having an impact on the positioning of your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Imagine, there are over 100! That’s why we offer our web SEO services for your website. You need specialists who will make everyday actions to improve the positioning of your website.

Do not hesitate to contact us and / or buy your SEO packages now. We have a 20% discount for the first month of service. Do not miss this offer!

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