14 Mar

Quebec the new hub for data hosting

quebec data hosting

Indeed, there is an upsurge in the popularity of using web hosting services and data right here in Quebec. There are several factors advantageous to use Canadian companies with Canadians servers instead of server around the world.

The Speed

More a server is near of the visitor, the more data transmission speed is fast. This is not an invention, it exists as CDN server (Content Delivery Network).

Now if your web hosting company like ours uses Canadian servers for shared web hosting, it is possible for you to save money and serve your customers quickly!

We collect lots of dissatisfied customers services like GoDaddy or other very large players on the Internet. It’s not just the speed of the servers, but the aspect of customer service and service in French!

In addition, many customers migrating to us mention that the servers of our fellow Americans are often “blacklisted.” Their server addresses are banned from several services and therefore your website or e-mails are slow, lost or inaccessible.

When a company manages millions of users, forgot about the personalized and fast service! We transferred websites from GoDaddy and in a week, no response at all!

When the responses is received, it is an incomplete, insufficient and / or incomprehensible response. It goes without saying that the growing popularity of data hosting in Quebec is not just due to our climate as referred to in article of Journal de Montreal: Quebecers customers are increasingly interested to have excellent service, even if they must put 3 or $ 4 more per month to get it.

When the time comes to evaluate a web host, consider that we are better served in our own country or our own province / city than at 5,000 km from us.

Quebec Data Hosting

Quebec Data Hosting
Quebec Data Hosting
Quebec Data Hosting
Quebec Data Hosting
Quebec Data Hosting
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