10 Apr

Portect WordPress with the WORDFENCE Plugin

Wordfence plugin to counter attacks from hackers. Fbi has posted some warnings this week

Secure your WordPress installation

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA), has issued press releases this week mentioning that some supporters of the Islamists cause are working to identify vulnerabilities in WordPress websites and extensions of this CMS.

It has become a trend to hack everything and as such, you must be sure to protect your WordPress Website. We have already published many articles about it, but prevention and some addition of safety is always appropriate.

If your website is difficult to hack and request a tremendous job for the hacker to bypass all the defenses in place, he will give up and go for an easier target. Same observation for the criminals breaking in houses. Unless been exceptional the culprit is lazy and search the maximum impact with the least possible effort made.

wordfence plugin . Complete security for your wordpress installation

Raise the bar high

We will in this article, use WORDFENCE PLUGIN. a FREE extension, that will raise the bar so high that your WordPress site will be protected.

Before setting an alarm in a house, we make sure that doors and windows are closed and locked. You should make sure before installing a security extension like WORDFENCE that WordPress is updated and all other extensions you have, even commercial ones. Otherwise, it is useless!


Complete security

Obviously WORDFENCE is a all inclusive security plugin but it will not replace an experienced technician. It’s a convenient solution to secure a wordpress installation.

Once the extension is enabled, tying a “security scan” , then you will have a list of things to fix. You can also enter your email to receive security alerts, or you can like us, sign up directly at:  US-CERT.



WORDFENCE also offers live view of your traffic on your website, allowing you to see the current situation. It verifies the internal files by comparing the original files to target any malicious code. You will also get 2 very fast cache engines that will increase the performance and speed of your site.

An really valuable tool to secure your data.

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