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New Website Design Trends

New Website Design Trends

Website Design rapidly change by new concepts or new tools and ways to distribute content. The influence of mobile phones is omnipresent. The focus must be on providing an excellent user experience by a website responsive and “mobile friendly”.

Obviously it is important to be unique and adjust your website to its mission and the products and services, but do not leave out what is “hot” and what users are looking. Your website must ultimately turn a visitor into a customer ( conversion ).

In this path, there is new website design trends. You must find wich ones fits the most with your products, services and your vision. These new trends are observed among our clients:


1. A Unique scrolling page

The advantage of the scrollable page, is that there is no waiting to load other elements. Once the page is downloaded, the user feels like being in an application. By browsing the menu the visitor reaches the content really fast.

The attraction of this method is actually for mobile devices and tablets. With a set of parallax effects, it is possible to make beautiful transitions of images and texts for the website.


2. Lateral navigation ( swipe pages )

The visitor access the different blocks of information like turning the pages of a book. The swipe movement is a well known feature on mobile phones, the user then adopt this way easily.


3. The content on the first line

The content is put forward. It is observed that people abandon the wallpaper images by a greater concern for speed of loading but also to focus on the information itself.

In addition, the fonts are larger and one of a kind. Moving away from  paragraphs and columns to center all objects and content on the center of the page, gives a greater ease of visualization.


4. Simplicity

Simplicity also seems to come back into website designs. Because of the download speed but also to purify and focus on what the visitor must pays attention to. The trend is now to avoid “flashy” content and unnecessary options.


5. Unique content

The attraction of unique content, especially prioritized in logos and images is becoming more and more present. Our customers prefer to do business with us more because we have professional photographers who can give a very unique website design perfectly adjusted to their needs.

Previously, Pictures banks were prioritized , now the client wants a professional photography by a photographer and have its own digital rights.


6. Simplified menus

Menus must increasingly be simplified and have less tabs. Very often, the menu is hidden in an icon or image. The visitor decides when to go see the rest of the content.

In this approach, the “landing page”, (the main page) contains all the elements that the webmaster wishes to present and the rest is hidden in a simplified menu accessible by a icon.


7. Speed. speed …

This is by far the most important. For user experience, the reputation, the SEO and the fact that the visitor does not want to waste time and wait. This is non-negotiable and should be present in all websites.

Note: Most of our websites are up to 50% faster than the average. We optimize all our content so that your website meet this trend.

When evaluating your needs, consider these trends and make sure it fits with the mission and the nature of your website!

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