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Mobile Phone : Lost, Stolen or buy an used one

mobile phone buy used one or lost stolen

It is not difficult to find used mobile phones on site ads like KIJIJI or Craigslist or other such sites. The society is always pushing new models and features.

On the other hand, the loss, theft or just the interest of a bargain can make someone buy a second hand mobile device.

A wide crime area turns around the mobile phones and so for a while. Fortunately, manufacturers have taken decisions that greatly help to counter the theft of mobile phones.

So we will see what are the steps to do or to avoid in the loss, theft or purchase of a used mobile device.


Buying a used phone

You should not have blind trust in the person who sells you a used phone on a classifieds site or in the newspaper. Many people are fooled by simple subterfuge to avoid the buyer conducting normal verifications.

If the sale must be done quickly, blindly or a crazy story binds the purchase of your device, it’s probably a scam! Quit without hesitation, the adage says: “When it’s too good to be true …”



– If the person says that the device is in its original packaging, unopened, it  do not guarantee a”SAFE” sale. It is easy to laminate a box in order to give the illusion that the phone has not been used or the box opened.

In these cases, unpack the product with the seller and make sure that the product is what you want to buy.

– Do not send money by mail or by transferring funds with Western Union or other.

– Meet the seller at his place of residence or work.

– Sign a paper , even if it is handwritten and simple for the conclusion of the sale.

– Tell the seller that you will conduct verifications to determine the status of the device you are about to buy. If he refuses, it is a clear sign of scam.


Steps to do

Turn on the device and grab the unique identification code (IMEI) by performing:

* # 06 # on the keypad of the unit. Write down this sequence of digits.

Check the status of the device in Canada by going to this website.

By entering the IMEI you will know if the device has been reported stolen or if there are restrictions or if the IMEI has been hacked.

** Do not be fooled by an IMEI that the seller will give you by email or phone prior to verification purposes. Recheck it and verify that every digits correspond to what he told you.



If the device you buy is an iPhone, go to ICLOUD.COM and check the lock status of the device. If you notice that the phone is locked with a ICLOUD ID, ask the seller to disable the protection.

Before going to the rendezvous, visit the Apple page that provides information on the ICLOUD protection, by clicking here.


THEFT or LOSS of a mobile phone

Prior to the occurrence of loss or theft of your favorite mobile phone, take the following measures for prevention and to facilitate the management of this unfortunate but possible situation :

– Turn on the device and grab the unique identification code (IMEI) by doing: * # 06 # on the keypad of the unit. Write down this sequence of digits.

– Set the protection “find my iphone” and lock the device with your iCloud ID if it is a IPhone.

– Activate a complex lock code on your mobile device. Avoid 1234 or 0000. sequences. If your machine is equipped with a fingerprint detection, you’re all done with this step!

– Activate the CLOUD services to backup your data and protect them. Make sure that backups are done on a regularly basis.

– Engrave the device in its back with your license number. If your device woth $ 900, I doubt that you will sell it tomorrow. Go to the nearest police station and rent the equipment, it’s a free service, or ask for the service to your favorite jeweler who will be happy to do it for a few bucks.



Follow these steps:

– Locate your device remotely and lock it, wipe all the data.

– Inform the police department by following these links.

– Call your mobile service provider and stop the SIM card or disable the mobile package if the unit does not contain one (unlikely these days but …)
If you find back your device, make sure you still destroy all data by performing a restore. Who said they have not intentionally mishandled your device to hack your personal infos…

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