21 Mar

Internet Explorer development stopped

internet explorer development stopped

Internet Explorer Development Stopped!

2015 marked the end of Internet Explorer. This browser is increasingly abandoned for a good reason, the compatibility has become a battle of all times.

In fact, here at Internet Cloud Canada, Internet Explorer is the origin of the phrase, “If it works in Internet Explorer, it works with all other browsers …”

To say that it has become extremely difficult to develop interesting modules and make them compatible with this browser. We will at least continue to support it until June 2016 so that our websites continue to be adjusted to Safari, Android, Chrome, Firefox (& Internet Explorer).

In the latest version of our own website (with the one you are reading this post now), we had to abandon many features simply due to incompatibilities or almost insurmountable difficulties in Internet Explorer.

The integration of a Parallax platform not failed in the usual basis but a new idea that worked in all other browsers. So we pushed back the release of this new feature for next year.

Interactive modules also known difficulties and were put aside in order to see what Microsoft will provide us with Windows 10. This release planned for the summer and already announced in the emails received by our developers do not gives us hope at all. For many of us, Microsoft will change some ingredients but the sauce will have almost the same taste, so the same limitations.

Optimized for Chrome

We believed more than 2 years ago, that Chrome browser would be the browser of the next decade. If you have not followed the crowd yet, you will see clear differences in rendered graphics, speed and transparency of the code.

Addons modules

Have you see the additional modules of Google Chrome? It is available here: Chrome Web Store. You will be amazed by the beautiful extensions, and a lot of them are completely free.

Speed, security, high-level features, Google Chrome will surely enjoy you in your next browser transition, if not done yet!

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