13 Dec

Internet Cloud Canada offers a free WAF !

Web Application Firewall WAF

Internet Cloud Canada offers a free WAF (Web Application Firewall) to all its customers. In which case you would not know what a WAF is :

A WAF is a firewall web application, which allows you to protect your applications against the most prevalent malicious codes that may affect availability, compromising safety or consume excessive resources of your application.

Most web hosting companies offer this as an optional service or not at all. Then you must turn to external solutions either for annual service or an on demand one requiring a few hundreds of dollars for a protection that seems basic.


Customized security rules

We have set up global rules that should satisfy all our customers, but we offer the opportunity to install your own security rules too! So you do not have to rack your brains, our technicians install the Web Application Firewall for you.

Enjoy your free WAF by subscribing to a web hosting plan with us!

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