17 Mar

Instant E-Commerce Website

Instant E-Commerce Website

Instant E-Commerce!

Internet Cloud Canada will soon launch a new service: An instant e-commerce. Our programmers and technicians are currently developing an all-inclusive solution, where a customer can create its online store and deploy the website in minutes.

We believe that this new service will meet specific needs, for beginning entrepreneurs. Nothing better than to do a test and see the reaction of the public about its products and services before committing large amounts of money in web development.

You will be able to upload your logo, create your products and use Paypal as transactional tool. Obviously, if you want to go forward with a personalized concept, our programmers can assist you for any specific needs.

You will also have an option to purchase your own SSL certificate, use your own “payment gateway” even translate into several languages ​​your store.

Simple to use, like a Content Management System, your instant shop offers all the usual options in a simple Control Panel.


An online shop project?

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Watch for the next release of this new service!

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