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Increase Sales on your Website easily

increase sales on your website easily

Marketing techniques on the Web are as important as actual shops or stores. Online shoppers (your future customers) are watching you. They react either positively or negatively to your website, presentation, content, and depending on your area of ​​expertise, your products and services.

Some key aspects, give them a good feeling or not to buy on your website. However, there are bases for ensuring a minimum sales vs minimal effort.

This is exactly what we will address in this article: The basics for a good web marketing plan!


The domain name

You need a clear and representative domain name. A domain such as: http://adsl-3.myproduct-forsale.com hardly gives a good feeling for your business. This seems to be a scam from the start. Use a clear name, simple and gives a sense of stability vs the brand or the product itself. A name like: http://www.adslrouter.com will bring more confidence to your visitor.


Site Content

If your website is an eternal “advertising” which runs from top to bottom with dozens of testimonials, headlines, ridiculous pictures, percentages etc., it still looks like a scam!

People are not fools. These marketing techniques are outdated and if they worked before (which I doubt), it contributes to a poor opinion of your company or your products and services.

The content of a website must be clear. Navigation tabs , a website that express a philosophy, Who is the company and who are the employees, products and services, testimonials, contact form etc. These traditional aspects are the base of a good way to take.


What the customer wants?

The customer wants to make his own idea, his own decision of your business. He do not want be engaged in a scam nor being pushed. The customer wants to convinces himself by the appreciation of your website and what he sees.

This is the basic respect that shop owners should have with their clients. This respect will produce an increase in sales if the customer do not feel being part of a marketing trap.



Do not neglect good marketing, presenting its brand. products and services. Don’t put only the emphasis on the product or service. The opinion of the customer is what makes the sale.


Criterias and Opinion

The criterias of the customer’s opinion are its own :

– Since when the company operates?

– Does the website seem up to date? (Copyright date on footer, blog updated, accurate and current information on pricing, all page links are working, etc.)

– Can I easily reach officials by email (how quickly to access this option, response time on your side.)

– The product or service is presented with the good images, description, data sheet etc.

– The payment options are clear.

– The site is safe and uses current processes (security certificate, return policies, mission, privacy policy, language policy, etc.)

– The quality of the language on the site. If a site has too many typing errors, appears to be a copy-paste of a translation, it is a sign that the site owner do not put efforts. But this lack of effort can be felt that the customer will also be less well served.

– The site does not fit all screens. 80% of people consult the Internet via a tablet or mobile phone. If you do not have a responsive website then you failed at the basis.

We could go on and on about the factors that shape the opinion of your potential customer, but these are the most important.


How to succeed on the Internet?

All you need is professionals who have experience and who have contributed to the success of dozens of other clients. Professionals such as Internet Cloud Canada employees who spare no efforts to make sure you reach your goals.

Each case is unique. Marketing is a universe of factors related to geography, demography, age, gender, purchasing power, habits, principles.

We can help you increase your sales but the content of this article is your basic orientation. Call us if needed!

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