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How to increase Page Authority and Domain Authority?

How to increase Page Authority and Domain Authority?

The domain authority and page authority are values ​​that predict how a website will evolve in the search results. These values can be improved but it takes constant work and a long-term deployment.

Previously, Google had established the “page rank”, but this algorithm is now deprecated though still partially included in the calculation of the domain authority. Proof that you should never leave anything out.

You can improve the domain authority and page authority by following these tips:


1. The Basics

To increase the domain authority it requires that each page has as its own high page authority. Make sure your pages are all interlinked, specific and unique keywords assigned to them.

You must have a lot of referrers ( backlinks ) linking not only to the main page but also and especially to all your content. These sites must good quality content sites to improve your own statistics.

Outbound links are also important. If you point links on sites with poor content or on banned sites penalized sites, it will be harmful on your ranking.

A small variety of external links (outside of your competencies) is quite acceptable.


2. Quality Content

This tips is always seen in SEO. Quality content drives success to a website. Your pages should contain quality informational texts. Be sure to direct the messages to people and not to search engines by multiplying the keywords.

The content should be refreshed, well presented / well-referenced with pictures. Do not place too many external links and advertisements. Follow the rules by filling all titles, alt tags and descriptions.


3. Let your domain name age

Time is inseparable from the domain authority. The more the domain name under which a well optimized website is, more the domain and page authority authority will be high.

The popularity factor is also somewhat related to time. Feel free to build links on social networks and interact with others users. The more you have quality exchanges in social networks, the more your chances increase to add page authority.

The content of your website should steadily increase and not just experience peaks. Be sure to take care of your website every day if possible or if not on a regular basis.


4. Optimize your site

It is imperative that your site is optimized completely. If your site is slow, this is your first task! It’s worth buying a CDN hosting to quickly propel its website.

Optimize pages, file compression, SEO, compress photos and videos. Have a diverse and rich content while adequately informing your visitors.


5. Develop stability

The number of visits is expected to be fairly regular but exceptions. If you have large spikes and then drops too regularly, this can be attributed to the purchase of traffic and you could be penalized.

It is best to build traffic where people return to your site because they are satisfied with the content they find there, than having a heavy traffic of unique visitors who will never come back!

Never buy Internet traffic! All these concepts are detrimental to your SEO and blur the statistics results.


6. The average distribution

Of the total of your pages, how many are popular? It is better to have a website of 10 pages with a popularity value of 80% for each of them, than a site with 100 pages with only 50% popularity for each pages.

Websites with thousands of pages might miss it by the mean of distribution of pages. Smaller popular site is better than big spamming site.


7. The quality of the server and site

If your server crashes often or the response speed is not good, it will affect your metrics. The quality of the site is also assessed. Make sure the links are not broken or too many mistakes are present.

The domain authority and page authority are long-term values for which you can take decisions right now. We have several SEO packages and we can certainly help you build or rebuild the foundations of your website to have more success.

Our technicians are available for any special projects whether at the level of SEO, optimization, updates or transfer your current hosting on our CDN servers.

See ya!

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