21 Apr

Google Armageddon #April21 Arrives

Google Armageddon #April21 Arrives

The Google Armageddon has arrived! Google’s algorithm identifies websites adaptable to the mobile devices of those who are not. Widely advertised on the Internet by the experts, it’s a revolution that classifies all quality websites.

Google wants the webmasters to enhance the content for mobile devices. Better standards will never harm legitimate businesses and webmasters dedicated to providing a good user experience to their visitors will rank higher.


Classification “MOBILE FRIENDLY”

Like all, we share in the results of search engines positions depending on the quality of our web site, our backlinks and general SEO done etc. If you look for example at our website (www.internetcloud.ca) in the Google search engine, you will see “MOBILE FRIENDLY” under the main title.

This is the change, a new label “mobile friendly”. We evaluated that many of our competitors do NOT have currently this label …

It will be interesting in the coming days and weeks to see how it will affect their ranking beside their current positions.


What is the real impact?

It should, and we enforce “it should” because many gray areas exist in the changes Google make… The mobilegeddon should affect the SEO ranking of your website in the results on mobile devices only.

On desktop computers, using your internet connection at home or office, there should not be any changes in your rankings. But a good web developer will never take this as cash.

In our opinion, it is best to make your website adapted to the latest standards than suffer any preference or face a penalty. It is more difficult to rehabilitate a website on search engines to make the appropriate changes.


I do not see “MOBILE FRIENDLY” in the search results!

If you are on a mobile device and you do not see this tag in search results for your website, it is time to act!

1. Test your website on Google Developers

2. Correct the errors if possible

3. Contact us so we can help you if you fail to make your website compliant.


At more or less long term, mobile sites will be completely favorite and the others relegated to the bottom or worst, in another search results section of Google. Your brand will suffer greatly from this change because over 80% of visitors use a mobile device for Internet browsing and research.


HTTPS, the next big change?

We believe that the next major change in the Google algorithm will concern the secured websites. There already has “HTTPS” labels that are beginning to appear in the search results.

Greater security for content on webpages is very an interesting tool to distinguish serious companies from others. We encourage you to advance to this standard now as certainly more a website is secure, the faster it will be an advantage in the future.

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