22 Mar

Free Software Alternatives for your Computer!

Operating System CENTOS 7 LINUX
The document foundation free software
Free Picture Editor GIMP
Free CD and DVD Burner BRASERO

For many of us, we use commercial software because they are widely publicized and popularized. Who does not know Windows, Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop or Nero?

These softwares are usually the basis in a computer. We will need to open the computer and surf on the Internet, edit documents or send, view or edit photos and of course, burn our files and souvenirs on a CD or DVD.



It is true that when Linux has released its first platforms, the common man was losing his Latin. Unfriendly, code lines, primarily for servers and geeks addicted to sodas and chocolate!

The trend is now relatively balanced between the two worlds. So Linux has become a platform connected to the needs of normal users, like you and me (on occasion) and our friends, relatives etc.


You surely have a old desktop somewhere!

You surely have a computer tower or an old laptop lying around at home under Windows XP or worse : Windows 95/98 …? Why not recycle this antiquity and use it to surf on the internet and work for a big 0$ ?


1. You just replace the windows XP with a very solid operating system like CENTOS 7. The new version is impressive. You have a desktop like Windows, in fact, you will hardly notice the difference except for the quality of the code which makes it very stable and safe.

Download CENTOS 7: here


2. To replace Word, Excel, Powerpoint and all your favorite tools to work, use the following office suite which uses the same software and popular document formats, completely free!

Download LIBRE OFFICE: here


3. Photoshop is a must for photo editing and transformation. But there is also a free software as powerful which is called GIMP. Even professional graphic designers use it!

Download GIMP: here


4. Finally, to replace NERO and allow you to burn your photos, songs, movies and documents, use Brasero, a very complete tool.

Download BRASERO: here


Your old computer will run like new with these softwares ythat can operate with less powerful processors or computers with low memory. You will see that these alternatives saves money but for many, they are even better than the commercial versions!

Do not forget that you will have with CENTOS 7, a FIREFOX browser of last generation. So no worries to surf the Internet!

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