07 May

How to choose a WordPress Theme?

How to choose a Wordpress Theme?

Although we believe that you should do business with professional web designers, many choose the risky path of a WordPress theme.

This should not bother you that other websites be like yours are at the start, because unless you have a good knowledge of programming and knowledge of WordPress, customizing a theme is more complicated than it seems. You will need to invest considerable time to understand the logic (if any) in the programmation of the theme.

Your desire is still to go with this solution? Okay! Take care to follow a few tips …


Basic Tips

1. Make sure you test the demo of the theme on multiple devices. Test on iPad, on iPhone and other mobile devices. If the theme does not respond well on mobile, it is not worth the trouble to go further.

2. If you are able to view support requests in the forum, analyze them. Look at the response time of the designer and the satisfaction of other buyers.

3. Try to choose 3-5 themes that could meet your needs and analyze them all on the same level. Compare prices, functions and thestability of the wordpress theme.

4. Choose a theme with a light structure, assuring you to have a fast website.

5. Make sure that the theme accepts popular extensions like Visual Composer and WPML for translation.

6. Feel free to ask questions on the Forum, with respect on specific concepts that are perhaps not clearly specified and before purchasing the theme!

7. Check whether the documentation is complete for the theme.

8. Analyze or ask if the theme facilitates SEO or if you need additional extensions.

9. Compare prices and user experience it provides.

10. Make sure the theme is compatible with popular  cache plugins

Note finally that if the theme designer has not updated the theme for several months, it might be abandoned and it will not respond to your future needs.

These few checks will help you have a better website at the end and you will avoid losing your money and your temper!

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