29 Apr

Benefits of a multilingual website

site internet multilingue les bénéfices

I think we have to live in a country or region where there is more than one official language to understand the importance of linguistic impact. Canada Posses 2 official languages ​​and who knows one day, perhaps some will be added in the future.

In Quebec, Montreal and in Ottawa we can feel in our exchanges, restaurant or business this impact. This is however less noticeable in the central provinces. While traveling, we see the influence of using a language or another on hospitality, openness, and often on a particular demand as insignificant it may be.

On the Web, it’s exactly the same, except that you are not directly speaking with your visitor  unless in chat mode. The website becomes the only way to reach individuals in their own language on the web.

It takes no extensive studies to realize that a visitor prefers to visit a website in its natural language. His interest is raised to not attempt to decode the text and indications and foremost, he feels privileged.


The local factor

Local influence of a language in the development of a business and its marketing can not be ignored. Although many acts by “obligation” because the the law states it, the local factor can hurt you as much as propel you into a total success.

We must not take lightly the translation of a website and even less trust free tools or online tools. Have you ever clicked on a link “translate this page”?

If you understood something it’s probably because you know somewhat of the language in which it is translated. Try it and you will see by yourself. Online translation tools are far from professionalism to rely on them to propel your business.


Legal Aspect

In Quebec, we must follow some laws on the web by the guidance of the Office Québécois de la langue Française. How to do web advertising, communications and all the rules for employers and workers are available.

Outside Quebec and Canada? Learn about the state laws in your area or country.


The target audience

You must determine what audience you are targeting with your multilingual website. If you are in Quebec and decide to offer a Japanese translation on your site, is that something specific will take you to it.  You do not offer 18 languages ​​on your website unless you have an international company that has branches in all these countries, or that your company is globally open as would be an online dating website.



Even after your site is translated , multilingual site is not something “easy” to develop. You will need to invest time, money and human resources to maintain and verify the information.

Google Translation Tool does not offer the quality that you would expect to translate a page. You will have to look at it manually to be sure that no disparities in your communications is present.

You can not avoid your obligations by displaying terms of use removing your liability in case of translation errors. Making serious errors of translation without your business suffers from themm it is impossible! You will assume the consequences and also some humiliation in specific cases.

A language is an identity and it is highly valuable for an individual. You should be part of providing a great relationship with your customers based on their identities.


Checking for mistakes

The verification of the original text by a specialist should be your path in order to have a good quality of words and sentences. It is necessary to check the spelling mistakes, the fluidity of the text and its position in the document.

We must do the same in other languages ​​and especially understand the particularities. An expression can return a negative image when translated into another language. To minimize impact on your brand or business, be aware of that.

traduire un site internet

The Benefits

To get real benefits of a multilingual site, you must look at the current structure of your site, its limitations and its functions. Not all websites allows easy integration of another language.

We must therefore make the best possible choice in the situation. If you already have 1000 pages to be translated, it will not happen without effort and without costs. The same if you build an online store with thousands of products.

Site analysis and basic decisions

You can not put multiple languages ​​into a single page. In fact, you can do it but it will penalize you in the search results.

Google tends to determine in wich language is a page. To do this, either the page is referenced by a particular language tag, or it is in a clearly identified in a language folder.

If you put several translations in one page it’s difficult for the search engine robot to properly identify the language. It will result in no indexing your page in most cases.


Site Structure

You can take several directions:

a) A site pointing to a language: http://www.monsite.fr

b) a subdomain: http://fr.mondomaine.com

c) a folder: http://www.mondomaine.com/fr/

d) a flag in the URL: http://www.mondomaine.com/?lang=fr

The choice is very personal at this stage although there are better choices than others. Choices A and B requires you to have 2 website structures. This can be tedious to have to interact in multiple platforms. You have to invest a lot of time by taking this direction and you will need to duplicate common tasks such as site updates.

The choice C, seems most suitable for most web masters as long as your website accepts that kind of structure. The choice D, though less good in appearance, if well integrated into the website will be just as effective.

The choice D is mainly used when there is automation engines in a website or external modules ( api ). If your page tags are referenced by the web developer, you can trust this choice like any other.


The main language

You need to determine what language the site will appear to users. There are several tools that can detect the language of a browser, but in a context where many want to protect themselves with proxies and vpn, these geographical analyzers do not provide what we expect from them.

Take your decision according to your experience with your customers, legislation or characteristics of your area, what language is most suitable to serve your visitors on your website.



Do not just translate keywords from French to English for example. Search the most relevant and exact keywords used in English for what you want to rank.



The benefits of a multilingual website are:

1. An enhancement of your competitiveness as you enter an enlarged circle on the market;

2. You earn reputation, because adding support in multiple languages ​​means a human investment;

3. Opening more opportunities because it connects you with people from everywhere.


Put in practice

We suggest you use the services of a professional SEO and web designer to transform your existing site in a multilingual website. There are many factors to consider and impact on your SEO, especially when changing the URL structure of your website.

Our technicians are available for you anytime!

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24 Apr

9 Reasons Why you SHOULD NOT build your own Website!

9 Reasons Why you SHOULD NOT create your own Website!

We can not all be good in all areas of competencies, and one for which many people improvised themselves is web design or web creation.

Your uncle Mike will be happy to build an online website for you for sure! But think that many people use web design as a part time job just to bring some money at the end of the month. Simply browse ads on Kijiji to find many impostors in this field. You should never consider a non professionnal person to build a website for you.

The harmful factor in a bad web design is to represent your business or service as it should not. A failed presentation? A low quality site? A design without a long-term vision? Here’s how to ruin your hopes and also seek a place in the ranking of the worst site on the internet.

The same is also present when a person wants to create its own website. It is just as harmful to do it yourself than going through your uncle Mike’s solution. The desire to save a few hundred dollars will never compensate all the damage that will be done.

In fact, you should never create your own website at all. Beyond programming skills, it is a matter of perception, but more a unique artist view of the final design. If passion is not behind your project, nothing good will come out. The passion can not be felt unless your website has been done by a professional web designer.

Caution : Having a look at "lingscars.com" can cause serious brain damages...

mauvaise conception web

If you dared visiting the website lingscars.com, ‘ll give you 10 seconds to regain sight and rinse your eyes. Whether by desire to create a “BUZZ” this website has a fair 0% credibility. Will it stops some to proceed with his service? Maybe no, but this is not the common individual would ask from a service provider, and this is why that kind of bling bling website will never be able to compete with a real website made by a web designer.


Reasons not to create its own website:

Lack of preparation

A good preparation and a detailed plan is required before building a website. You must set the goals of the site in terms of content, its target audience, media types, and so on. You have to do all the text content, revise, condense the pages, optimize the speed of the site, find the right hosting that will be adapted to the content. There are hundreds of factors to take into account and no beginners can think at every details.



Most likely, this will be your first web design. You will not have time to test your techniques and observe the deployment. Your site will be a “laboratory test” and therefore a high probability of missing the target.


Lost of precious time

The fact that you have no experience, will make the time to set up your website far exceed the money you think saving. Time to do the research, tryouts and your frustration will surely go up at one time or another!


Inability to verify the results

There are online tools to virtualize mobile devices, tablets and screens sizes. By cons, these tools are not all up to date nor really reflect the true user experience. The fact of not owning multiple devices (lack of budget) limits you to a pseudo appraisal of other devices on your website.


The ignorance of the SEO basics and tactics

SEO is actually the mechanism that drives the success of your website on the internet. The fact of not using sharped recognized techniques of programmation , will relegate your website to the lower rankings of Google search results.

Note: for example the “infinite scroll” page that are beautiful at first glance but if they are not well programmed prevents search engines from indexing it. This type of website uses javascript and this makes an arduous task to Google to index those. Now if you did not know that, then you do not know hundreds of other factors!


Online website creation tools

If there is worst tools online, hang me high and short! These tools that attract you by saying that there is no need of knowledge in programmation to build your website, it’s a scam! Yes, you should have something that will go online, but call this a website,… this is something else!

At most, you’ll be able to put text, pictures and videos but will be forced into their theme, or direction, or suffer limitations. You will be lucky if at the end, no advertisements is integrated with your website.

It is also likely that your web site will have security gaps. These tools rarely offer the required latest updates to web threats like exploits, virusses and malwares. Therefore doubt on the safety when using such free services.


mauvais design web


The need to purchase a theme

For others, it will be to buy a theme to accelerate and improve their results. This is perhaps one of the best solutions, but it will require you to learn the theme, install it, configure it.

What works in the proposed demos and the results you’ll have on your website will be greatly different. Internet themes sellers knows that beautiful pictures are important to sell their themes. They sell parts of a dream.

When you have entered your own pictures and information, you can reach 50 or 60% of the expected look of the demo website. Why? Because those who created the demos on your theme, are real web professionals most of the time. The result are then stunning! Will you be able to recreate this? Hmmm….

Next, you will probably add extensions to your theme. They will require adjustments with your theme or server configuration or will be totally incompatible. Security risks are also very important in these solutions available to everyone! Your site will look like thousands of others, not unique as it should be!


Web hosting

You will need to find a web hosting for your website capable to drive the functions and its contents. The research time will be long and you will probably buy an all inclusive package which is itself below your needs or above!

If you do not know how to do it, you will have to pay a technician to set up your website, your database, activate your emails etc, or again having to learn how to do it.

Cross your fingers that they will be a good host and hope your site will be fast by their domain name servers (DNS).


Sell ​​Online Products and Services

If your goal is to sell online some products or services, you will need to purchase and install a security certificate. You should know that it is usually complex to install this type of service.

Then you must ensure that you meet the PCI standards with your website, set it to proceed payments by credit cards and setup the payment gateway.

If you choose the shortcut and do business with Paypal, know that you might get into an real adventure and you should read our article: Accept online payments on your website.

Remember that you need to create your web policies, terms of use and privacy policy. This will require a lot of time and research.



If we calculate the time applied to search all the information, learn the techniques, costs involved in buying a theme and the hosting (with or without security certificate), you save nothing! At the bottom line, it’s not worthing it to build your own website unless you want to crash yourself  royally on dozens of key factors that will undermine your project.

Web creations from $ 199.95 to $ 1299.95 are very acceptable prices depending of website type and functions. Those professional web creations will give you credibility and web presence you deserve!

Think about it!

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09 Apr

Accept credit cards on your website

Accept credit cards on your website

There’s lots of Online payment solutions these days. These solutions are however not all good for everyone and some contains unknown dangers, strange rules or limitations that might hurt your business development.



Technically accepting payments by credit card, it’s simple. You need:

a) A secure website

b) A payment processor

c) A bank account


Payment processors

Payment processors, commonly called “payment gateways”, are gateways that connect between your website and Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.

They are not all equal and do not give you all the same customization options for the payment pages. In addition, some require you to redirect your customers on their website and then, return them later, others may accept payments on your website with certain safety conditions (SSL certificate).

Internet Cloud Canada do not recommend PayPal. Many people like this solution, but if you stands out, beware! You make too many sales? PayPal blocks your funds … An payment dispute? … You lose for sure! PayPal is a nightmare from which you may not come out ever … (you are advised!)


Customer redirection to another site

The fact of not having an SSL security certificate on its website, may force some webmasters to use PayPal services (or other similar gateways), but you should purchase an SSL certificate and be autonomous. This is not complicated and your web developer can install it for you!

Redirecting your customers on an external site like PayPal, is somehow unappropriate. The checkout will last longer, redirections will confuse your customer, you’ll have to advise that 2 directions will be done ( 1 to go, 1 to come back), confusion of languages ​​on payment pages etc.

In addition, for many business owners, redirecting a client means not having control over what happens next, and they are right! The procedure is the conclusion of the sale, it can be risky to entrust this crucial stage of your marketing to another …

The user experience will be affected. Your customer may abandon his purchase due to wait times, confusion, having to fill more fields. All these factors undermine confidence in your business.

On the client statement, he will see a real mess of data:

*** PayPal # 3y33js7u www.yourwebsite.com … $ 49.45

It is neither professional nor clear to the customer who may believe in a fraud on his credit card or not remember this or that purchase on Paypal : CONFUSION!


Paypal payment processing on your website

If  you take the option to have Paypal processing payments directly on your website, there will be a monthly fee for the service whether or not you have transactions. Allow about $ 30 / month, or as much of $ 400 per year. If you do not sell much, how can you be competitive on long term and stand out? An SSL certificate costs much less than that, even installed by your web developer!

PayPal also has fees on returns, fees for American Express are high, chargeback is expensive ($ 20), costs on international cards are 1% etc!


Export customers

If you have a monthly subscription website for example, and you decide to change your current PayPal for another payment solution, you can not export the data!

Full of happiness? I doubt! PayPal refuse to transfer customer card details securely. Your customers will therefore have all to enter their details again. Imagine if you have thousands? The losses you’ll have, the impact on your reputation, a real headache!


Paypal Horror Stories

We heard that several customers using PayPal were often vistims of false “chargebacks”, frozen funds and fraudulent transactions. The customer service is slow, unilingual and rarely, more never on your side when happen payment disputes, especially when you sell services (which is intangible).

When your customer is stuck with PayPal, he may think that you can help, and since you can not do nothing, you’ll lose credibility for sure.

Some experiences are shared on the net about PayPal, we’ll let you judge this part, do a search on Google and you will have thousands of unsatisfied PayPal clients.


What is the best solution?

Fortunately, there is not only one! There are new players in the industry who have carved out a significant place in the field of processing credit cards.

For many, they charge no monthly fees and have rates of 2.75% to 2.9% + $ 0.30 / transaction depending on your volume of sales. For most webmasters, these solutions are advantageous. If you want your own solution of this type, you will find it for sure!


Integrated Solutions

Internet Cloud Canada offers integrated solutions to accept credit cards. Your clients trade on your website, an SSL security certificate is installed and no external redirections are made. No monthly fees even when there are no sales.

The statement of the credit card mentions the name of your company. The export of secure data is provided to another approved supplier. It’s complete, professional, safe and ajusted to have the best user experience.

We recommend these solutions.  The security certificate (SSL) improves your SEO, and allows you to secure any part of your website you want.

It is important to have the keys of your business.


Final Advice

Keep control of your website and your customers!

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