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67% of Abandoned Cart on E-Commerce Websites

67% abandoned cart on ecommerce websites

You do not have a good conversion rate on visits/sells?

Whether or not you have a statistical tool to evaluate the losses in your online business, there’s more than 67% of visitors who leaves items in their shopping cart, without continuing the checkout process.

What causes this? Obviously, they are multiple reasons 

67% of Abandoned Cart on E-Commerce Websites


You must ask yourself : Is the current website adequately serves customers that we receive online? Is it possible to improve the user experience for a better marketing approach?

Most of the time when sales do not reflect our goals, but we have an excellent ratio of visitors, the answer is: YES.

We will not repeat the aspects we have previously described in our latest articles to have an inviting website, rather we will in this article, see how to lower the dropout rate of the basket before payment.


The main causes of abandoned cart (not in order of importance):

1. The client can not get a clear idea of ​​the final price and adds products to have the information.

2. The price with taxes and / or with the shipping costs are too high after revision.

3. The customer does not want to share his personal details or e-mail address, before proceeding to payment.

4. The delivery option does not please the client, and this information is not available before putting cart items into it.

5. the customer has no “wishlist” option, so it adds items to cart, then the price at checkout  (even if it is not the real one), is too high.

6. The customer will be redirected for payment on an external platform.

7. Loss of confidence versus the merchant along the way. Broken links, missing images, error of the platform, absent purchasing policies.

8. Refusal of the credit card at checkout.

9. Confusion or too difficult checkout process.

10. The customer wants to wait to have a better “deal”.

11. The process is too long.

12. The prices are presented in a currency other than the one of the customer.

13. The customer sees an option for a ‘Discount coupon’, but do not have one. He knows he can save but not this time.

14. The customer made the tour of the website, navigate or he is testing the website.

15. There are not enough payment options.


How to reduce cart abandonment rate?

You have to understand the main reasons and correct the website. Simplifying the payment process, showing the actual price and payment/delivery options is the first step. This step is the “Transparency” to offer to the customer. Also make sure you declare the purchase conditions, return policy or the privacy policy.

Then, make sure that the website complies with standards or have certifications or security seals. Customer confidence in buying relies heavily on protection of his confidential details.

If you adopt the school of thought that the customer must register before making a purchase, use a tool to make a recovery of the cart process. So send emails to encourage visitors to come back to you by offering a discount or benefit, if this settles with your vision.

Finally revise the website and your products or services. Images are sufficiently present, relevant and complete information? The website works properly on all devices?  Is there a problem with the payment option?

Dropouts are an important aspect of a successful e-commerce site. Ideally, you should know your dropout rates and take actions now, follow the advices of your web developer for a better future success.

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