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News : Fast way to Protect Your Website!

news : fast way to protect your website

If there is a topic in the news that is important, it is to protect your website from threats and attacks on the network.

Although it is possible to reduce risk, it remains difficult to annihilate them. We must therefore think in terms of protective layers, one serving to reinforce the other. Again, for novices or when the budget is not at the rendezvous, it may seem difficult. Therefore, we recommend the following measures which they are acessible to everyone!

Quick and easy precautions:

SSL Certificate

The fastest and effective way to build your online security is to add an SSL security certificate. This level of encryption allows you to secure exchanges between your server and visitors.

This is required especially when it comes to sensitive information exchange, passwords or even treating some online forms with personal information.

Safety Certification solutions are not as expensive as before. Depending on your business, there are solutions for under $ 100 / year that will fully protect you.



Updating the server that serves your files is also something on the first line of defense. Choose a web hosting company that puts the updates in the foreground!


Directory Tree and folder names

The website creation is a science where developers often use the same ways of doing things. Ask or make sure that administrators are accessing in directories by another title as “admin” or “wp-admin” if you are using WordPress.

When it comes time to choose your password, avoid “admin” and choose an alphanumeric password that you change regularly.



A firewall is the first line of defense between the Internet and your server. There are as many versions of software than hardware that makes this work. We nevertheless suggest the WAF (Web Application Firewall). They are deployed in front of your server as a gateway, restricting bad web traffic and filtering your network. There are very useful against DDOS attacks. This solution provides for a few dollars a month, the peace of mind!


Whatever your decision, if you implement one or the other or all of these suggestions, you will have a more secure environment for your website!

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