18 Mar

Image compression for your website!


image avant compression web

74 KB


image apres une compression d'image web

20 KB

Do you see a difference? If there is one, it is not noticeable except for the server that will process the request to show the image on the screen.

There are small things that make all the difference when creating a website. Images are an important part of any design and it should not be forgotten that more the server must process large files over the network, longer it  will take. Let’s add a bad internet connection for a moment or a basic mobile service provider , and you have lost your professionalism!

It is proved that if the visitor waits too long, he will leave your website to another. You lose a potential customer, all its possible future references and sales. Amazon studies show that for every second of waiting, they lose up to 40% of sales. So the speed of a website is essential for the customer but also for your reputation, SEO etc.


Image compression

No need to be an expert to compress all images of its website and no need either to buy expensive software like Photoshop. In fact, we will share with you how to compress your photos to make your website up to 30% faster.

There is a superb freeware (free software). which is called PNGOO. This software is available in the client area of our website as a free download! (Simply register…, this is alsofree!). The software is available on the web too, you must search for it in Google. The advantage to download the files from us, it is the absence of viruses or malicious software in the package.

Now… This software allows you to easily set a folder containing all the compressed photos. Simple and effective, you select the photo files to be compressed and they are reduced up to 70% without loss of sharpness or rendering.

Obviously, make sure that initially your photo files are not 4000 pixels x 6000 pixels. This kind of resolution offered by digital cameras is not suitable to a Web Site.

We suggest for normal pictures a resolution of 600 x 600 for products in an online store, 800 x 600 for normal photos into pages, 1200 x 1980 for banners. Rarely you will need images of more than 2000 pixels on your site, unless you are a professional photographer or use a particular concept.

Every tenth of a second that you can save to your visitor by performing image compression or any adjustment worthwhile. We win sprints by less than that!

So when you create your website or you modify it, you must compress all of your photos before uploading them. Your customers will appreciate!

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