22 Dec

Google wants to eliminate passwords using your smartphone

Google wants to eliminate passwords using your smartphone

The chase continues. Google is currently testing a new way to connect to your Google Account. Once activated in your security settings and a phone linked to the account, you can access your Google account online from your computer by  clicking on your phone to allow this connection. A simple alert ( YES / NO ).

No more password needed!

Actually, not really. The password is always required. If Google eventually puts this technology in place soon and you lose your device or it is not within the reach or the battery is discharged, the password will always be useful.

We must also think you might change device or not wanting to use this function anymore, then again the password will be required. We see that the cell phone will be increasingly assigned an new authenticator role.

In this sense, as well as online payments, few people will want to have an inexpensive device that might not be fully protected. The phone is now a virtual wallet, keys of the house or the car, an unlimited access to our life!

This is not so far as we have said recently, one year or two at most, and the smartphone will be more than ever critically essential.

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