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22 Apr

Google Analytics : Website Bounce Rate Analysis

Google Analytics : Website Bounce Rate analysis

Google Analytics is a beautiful suite of tools for webmasters. It allows you to analyze your visitors in order to statistically determine their behavior on your website. There are dozens of different factors to know where they come from, their age group, interests etc.

The Bounce Rate tells you wich page has been viewed by a visitor who left it just after. Meaning that he only viewed that page and not the rest of your website.

The factor is assessed by comparing the number of visits and the exits made on pages. There is also a time indicator offered by Google Analytics on the bounce rate.

Do not mix Bounce rate and Exit rate. The exit rate is from wich page the visitor leaves your website after a few pages viewed.


Should I worry about a high bounce rate?

The answer is not so simple as it seems. Bounce rate is an indicator but every website is different in nature and there are also similar rates of rebounds between websites of the same nature.

Essentially, you have to worry about a bounce rate of 0% and 100%. The 0% would indicate that your analytics tool includes a bug or the installation was done incorectly. as 0% is impossible to achieve.

A bounce rate of 100% (if there is a lot of visits of course), would indicate no interest of all your visitors to your website. It could be due to the user interface, the bad informations provided by the referral links or a misunderstanding on the product or service based on the domain name.

It is normal to see a higher bounce rate on mobile devices because users usually seek a specific answer or tend to perform a specific task more than navigate throughout the site and take time to read all the contents.


Bouncing rates observed in general

There are some general trends in the bounce rate percentages, here are a few:

– 10-30% for service sites
– 20 to 40% for online shops
– 40 to 60% for the content websites
– 70 to 98% for blogs

It should be noted that if the “contact us” page shows a high bounce rate is almost normal. The person takes the information to contact you and leaves your website …

In general, most SEO’s specialists will tell you that a bounce rate of 50% or less is acceptable and 50% or more should be digged.


How to analyze the result?

This is not because the bounce rate is high on your web site, that the content is not interesting or poorly presented:

“If you’re a plumber in Laval and offer your services in your area only, but the SEO has been done a liitle too wider including other cities, it will affect your bounce rate. When a visitor living in Ontario, for example, visit your website, he will find that you are not in his area, he’ll leave your site to find a provider closer to him. “

Is it that your website is lack of interest? NO! But in this situation, the statistics will be added to your bounce rate anyway. This is an example that shows that the bounce rate is not a real factor of a poor quality website.


How to improve your bounce rate?

It generally follow all the rules for a good Website : Relevant content, a beautiful presentation, a site that fits all devices and refresh the content regularly.

You may find that the bounce rate on mobile devices is very high while the one for desktop computers is normal. This could suggest you to revamped its mobile version in order to improve the user experience on these devices.

Finally, not all visitors want to “buy” your products or services, so they will not all commit. Keep a eye on every factors, minimize programming errors and improve the user experience and you should see your bounce rate decrease.

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21 Apr

Google Armageddon #April21 Arrives

Google Armageddon #April21 Arrives

The Google Armageddon has arrived! Google’s algorithm identifies websites adaptable to the mobile devices of those who are not. Widely advertised on the Internet by the experts, it’s a revolution that classifies all quality websites.

Google wants the webmasters to enhance the content for mobile devices. Better standards will never harm legitimate businesses and webmasters dedicated to providing a good user experience to their visitors will rank higher.


Classification “MOBILE FRIENDLY”

Like all, we share in the results of search engines positions depending on the quality of our web site, our backlinks and general SEO done etc. If you look for example at our website (www.internetcloud.ca) in the Google search engine, you will see “MOBILE FRIENDLY” under the main title.

This is the change, a new label “mobile friendly”. We evaluated that many of our competitors do NOT have currently this label …

It will be interesting in the coming days and weeks to see how it will affect their ranking beside their current positions.


What is the real impact?

It should, and we enforce “it should” because many gray areas exist in the changes Google make… The mobilegeddon should affect the SEO ranking of your website in the results on mobile devices only.

On desktop computers, using your internet connection at home or office, there should not be any changes in your rankings. But a good web developer will never take this as cash.

In our opinion, it is best to make your website adapted to the latest standards than suffer any preference or face a penalty. It is more difficult to rehabilitate a website on search engines to make the appropriate changes.


I do not see “MOBILE FRIENDLY” in the search results!

If you are on a mobile device and you do not see this tag in search results for your website, it is time to act!

1. Test your website on Google Developers

2. Correct the errors if possible

3. Contact us so we can help you if you fail to make your website compliant.


At more or less long term, mobile sites will be completely favorite and the others relegated to the bottom or worst, in another search results section of Google. Your brand will suffer greatly from this change because over 80% of visitors use a mobile device for Internet browsing and research.


HTTPS, the next big change?

We believe that the next major change in the Google algorithm will concern the secured websites. There already has “HTTPS” labels that are beginning to appear in the search results.

Greater security for content on webpages is very an interesting tool to distinguish serious companies from others. We encourage you to advance to this standard now as certainly more a website is secure, the faster it will be an advantage in the future.

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20 Apr

Download Abine Blur to protect your privacy!

Abine Blur protect your privacy!

When you browse the web, search engines, websites and other programs collect information about you, they might state it in their terms of use or not.

IP addresses provide a lot of information on your location, your country and the internet provider serving you. Other information that can be collected are : The type of web browser you use, and all keywords you have entered in search engines like Google and for sure the sites you’ve visited.

Since it is possible to collect and analyse a lot of data on you or your habits,  those informations serves for targeted advertising or make you buy a product or service.

big brother

Big Brother

Big Brother is not a myth! Web sites or search engines that collect amounts of data, saves it too! Saved data about you and your browsing history can be used for the purposes mentioned or be sold in a list to third parties.

In any case, know that you are constantly watched. Any keyword entered in Google is analyzed based on links that you clicked and time spent on each pages.

Do not take the path of paranoia, but as individuals, we can decide that this situation does not suit us and ensure to cover our tracks and limit our visibility as we surf on the web.


Abine Blur

BLUR security tool can be downloaded as an add-on for your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer). There is a free solution and a Premium one. There is also another subscription option for  “DeleteMe” which seems to be more adjusted to residents of the United States, to destroy  public profiles on some web directories and other sites collecting personal information.


The Free Solution

This solution gives you:

– Strong complex passwords and encryption

– Masked Emails

– Blocks online trackers

– AutoFill forms

It’s a great formula that will increase the security of your passwords. They will not be stored by the browser but by the Blur module. The passwords fields will be automatically filled.

You ensure that information ( keywords and phrases ) you enter in the search engines will not be linked to you and your email will be protected. If you have the desire to protect your privacy while browsing on the internet, do not hesitate and sign up for the Abine Blur free module.


The Premium subscription

This solution will give you all the benefits of the free version and will also include:

– Masked Credit cards

– Masked Phone

– Backup and Synchronization

So, all your banking information about credit cards are stored in the Blur module. You can also get with the premium solution a masked phone number.  You’ll not have ever to reveal your real phone number. Finally, the synchronization function will sync all your settings on all your devices.


Mobile Path

Considering that we go further in the development of mobile devices, keep in mind they will be ours future electronic wallets.  Blur is an ideal safety companion for your transactions.

Blur will protect you and your children during your regular activities on the Internet.

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