11 Dec

KeyScrambler an efficient software against malware like a keylogger

KeyScrambler efficient software against malware keylogger

We are sometimes looking for the perfect gift for ourself at Christmas. Let us make a suggestion with the well-known software: KeyScrambler

Far from being a novelty on the market, this software is still the best protection against some malwares which are found in websites or that are installed without your knowledge on your computer.

It is possible that you are infected with a “keylogger” ( a spyware ) that records all keystrokes on your keyboard and send them to some  individuals spying for your passwords or your access to the web.

KeyScrambler will deeply encrypt the keys and return incongruous characters to the keylogger. Everything you type on the keyboard is therefore protected before it is directed into your browser or at the application you’re working on.

KeyScrambler is also the perfect tool for all professionals. Whether to offer additional security measure or against industrial espionage, choose the version that suits you!


Free Version

The software is FREE for personal use. Simply type ” KeyScrambler ” in Google and download the software directly from the website of the author. The paid versions offer some other benefits.

We recommend the Premium version because after all, why secure only a part of your informations?

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01 May

Take care at your Digital Reputation !

Take care at your Digital Reputation !

Digital Reputation What is it? This is somehow the perception of people about your business, about you (or both) through the Internet. Your virtual reputation can be totally different from your normal reputation.

These days, people are more concerned about what others think of them on social networks. Everyone can now give its opinion on everything easily with self-publishing contents (blogs …, Facebook and other social networking sites). Our personal life explodes on the big screen !

Behind a screen, it is less complicated to hurt badly someone or something, we should keep ourselves of doing such things.  Dialogue can thus quickly slip away from what we wanted if we do not take care. The interpretation of our discourse can also be skewed because people do not see us, do not perceive the tone or our voice flow. Finally our micro expressions and expressions are not there to reinforce or contradict the message conveyed.

We realize that  communication may be simplified by technologic tools but drastically cut good communication by the fact of not being in direct contact with his interlocutor.


Personal Digital Reputation

42% of people on average check in the search engines the new people they meet everyday. Whether their boss, the new boyfriend or their co-worker.

Your recent opinion on a sensitive issue, a product or service, your appreciation of a movie, photos and videos you’ve uploaded, everything will be analyzed by 50% of people.

Recruiters meanwhile still occupy a larger proportion, 70% of them, being active in searching for information on Google and social networks on a new candidate or for the final decision to hire someone.

Be careful on the social networks! There are many cases of people that have lost their jobs for inappropriate comments, such as a child care worker in the United States who wrote this week that she do not like her future job because she do not like children. His future employer looked at his Facebook page and told her not to attend his first day of work.

There are plenty of examples where a compromising photo has affected a current career like a future one. It is imperative to turn his fingers on the keyboard 7 times before writing! :)


Avoid Conflicts

The Internet allows people to act in a very sneaky way. As much as possible, avoid conflicts on social networks, forums and exchanges in your emails. Remember that it is hard to know with whom we speak and that we can control one side of our e-reputation, but we can not control what others say about us.

As online reputation analysis tool, there are several platforms that inform you of any comments made regarding your profile. You can take action and if necessary comment back to restore your reputation. If the attack can be avoided from the start, you will not have to fight back and preserving your digital reputation is better than restoring it!


la réputation électronique dans les médias sociaux


The Corporate Digital Reputation

A bad online reputation can severely damage your brand, your sales and also undermine the atmosphere of those who work for you as they will be placed in the same basket.

Mastering your online image is very important and you should never wash your dirty linen in the public square. The relationships you have with your customers must remain confidential. If necessary adjust the privacy settings on your social networks.

Try as much as possible to meet the expectations while maintaining the integrity of your brand and ways of doing in your company. There will always be naysayers but no need to disrespect them in front of everyone.


Time as a factor in Digital Reputation

We must distinguish between different segments of  time the e-reputation. If negative comments about you or your brand were made several years ago, they certainly do not have the same impact as those who have been done recently.

If a BUZZ occur, negative or positive Comments will be numerous within the first 24 hours and will greatly reduce after. If you lead a fierce battle on a forum, the comments will be regular for years maybe!

Everything you write and post has a certain degree of impact. Post only what is “positive” under your name. If it is too difficult to contain yourself, take a pseudonym!

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23 Apr

Actual PULL BASED vs PUSH BASED Web Desing?

Some transformation is taking place in web designs. The way we navigate on  websites is currently known as the “PULL-BASED”. It implies that we are going to the sites, we seek information and we download what we like.

A new trend is at our doors, this is the “PUSH-BASED”, where the content and information will come to us instead of having to look for it.

Actual PULL BASED or future PUSH BASED Web Desing?

The tendency to “PUSH BASED” began with Facebook that allows us to see what is going on in the lives of people without asking them and is now continuing with specific applications or routines like the “PUSH NOTIFICATION”.



PUSH notifications are in our lives since the IPhone. Everyone knows them. Small windows opens to inform us about new software update, a phone call missed, a SMS received.

The scope is no longer limited to the applications and on mobile devices. Now, PUSH NOTIFICATIONS may appear on desktop computers, such as Google has integrated it in Chrome, versions 42 and later.

The websites are now able to communicate with visitors during and after their visit. Obviously you need to give permission for notifications from your favorite websites, which opens a small window on the screen to ask for permission to provide you with these notifications.


The future of web sites, only applications?

We do not believe that the future of websites will transform them all in applications to download. The old PULL BASED WEBSITE will always have its place, even if he looses it’s featured place.

Although PUSH BASED has many benefits, the marketing process cannot be in only one direction. Effective communication involves two entities, the transmitter and the receiver. Furthermore, establishing in advance all customer expectations is a risk, faultly targeting the audience in this concept, will cause a big defeat.

Actual PULL BASED or future PUSH BASED Web Desing?

What is PULL and what is PUSH?


– Paying for ads on television, radio or printed distribution. You call a list of potential customers by phone. You post a discount coupon.


– A blog, a free e-book about your expertise, marketing on social networks. A customer writes you an e-mail to inquire about your products. The client calls you because he saw your website.

These two forms of marketing, must coexist in order to maximize the potential of your products and services without forgetting the fundamental differences of each individuals. We are not all the same and we do not react the same way in the face of commercial solicitation, advertising, promotions or discounts.



The aim sought by the PULL is to intrigue consumers and present the information to motivate their actions.

In the notion of PUSH, identify the needs of future users and present them all the services in a mechanism.

Analysis of visitors and their habits is essential to make the PUSH BASED MARKETING. Apps are not mandatory. Notifications are sufficient to inform the user and the traditional website, even if he slows a bit, will always have its place.


Does the PUSH notion is fully developed?

No, not currently. Take for example PUSH notifications. They are only available on Chrome and Safari mostly. There is a small war to determine who will be the leader. The War between BETA and VHS resumes what’s happening now for the Push notifications on the market.

The leader will have to offer to all webmasters an API (A programming routine with a server) that will interact with all mobile devices on the market and desktop computers to satisfy wveryone.

Within a year, the PUSH concept will be a well-established notion in our opinion. For the moment, there are some APIs at Apple, Google and lots of extensions available to start on this path and become familiar with this trend.


Good and bad sides of PUSH NOTIFICATIONS

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS should be used with caution. Much like the POP-UP window who is in our lives for so long, if improperly used, it is a source of extreme frustration and users will do anything to get rid of it.

After trying the Google API, we decided here at Internet Cloud Canada not to proceed with PUSH NOTIFICATIONS on our website. We found “annoying” the fact to show a window in the corner of the browser asking for permission. We put ourselves in the place of our customers and have concluded that this type of “marketing” does not satisfy us.

By cons, we are actively working on a mobile application for our customers to offer them the choice of having notifications, news and access their client area via a mobile application. Currently our site is perfectly made for mobile browsing; It will be an addition of services in a very short time!

Every business must evaluates the actual need to put forward the PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Note that there are certain prerequisites to be able to send notifications via the web, like:

– Your site must be on the HTTPS (in full). So if you have a blog, it will have be under a security certificate to distribute notifications. Google Chrome requires it and Apple too.



It is possible that third-party providers allow you to use push notifications via their server over HTTPS, allowing you to dodge the need to have a security certificate.

Important!  Third-party vendors will certainly establish their own advertising in your notifications and most importantly, they will capture information from your users to reinforce the databases on the habits of visitors.

If you plan to put in place such a solution, it is best to have its own security certificate on its website and set notifications with Google for now or wait an OPEN SOURCE  solution that will keep the whole process of notifications on your own server. Your users will surely be pleased that you take care to preserve intact their privacy!

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