14 Dec

Police : No warrant needed to search cell phone

Police: No warrant needed to search a cell phone

If you do not know, for over a year, the Supreme Court issued a judgment entitling police to conduct a search of an inmate’s cell if the latter is incidental to the arrest and the officer reported his search in his notes accurately.

Almost a year later (November 2015), it is the Supreme Court of the United States who received a request from a defendant who claimed to have been injured in his rights when the police asked his cell phone provider, his location at specific times. He asked the court to rule that his right to privacy had been bullied.

The information on his location have established that it was on the premises at many crimes for which he received a sentence of 162 years in prison. The court simply rejected to rule on the merits that the police have a warrant or not, leaving the police a path to do their job.

Police 2.0.

With the resurgence of acts of terrorism, indoctrination via social network to radicalization and also the many crimes committed with cell (filming an attack, for example), it is comforting that the police is free to run properly their investigations to protect society.

Certainly all this technology is a real headache for lawyers and defenders of privacy but when a search is on the offense or used to provide physical evidence in an investigation, it must serve society and not criminals.

Cellular service providers are receiving more and more requests from various actors of justice. They can transmit the precise location, sent and received text messages, identify incoming / outgoing calls. All this  to help solving crimes.

Maybe this will only tell criminals to perpetrate their crimes without their favorite mobile device but in any case you are stopped while driving a cell phone in your hands or another crime, know that the police have the right to search your mobile device, for a more secure society!


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04 May

Website Communication Plan

plan de communication pour votre site web internet cloud canada

A Website communication plan is essential. Why? Because it will make possible the completion of your goals. Many people start a website without knowing where they go.

To avoid the use of chance, good fortune often knocks on the door of those who provokes it. What initiatives have you put in place in order to reach your audience?

You must first answer some basic questions:

a) Why do you do this site?

b) The products or services will served who  exactly?

c) What is the main message to convey about your products and services?

d) What resources will you put in place to communicate this message?

e) How will you deliver the message or by who, by what media?

All the reflections you make and the answers to these questions will be your website communication plan. The plan will establish accurately the effective way to communicate with your target customers and succeed in this mission.


Why establish a communication plan?

As mentioned, first of all in order to properly target your audience. If you plan from the start, it will greatly reduce the effort and time invested to look for mistakes done. A plan will help you develop your business, your profits and establish brand awareness.


When do i need to establish a communication plan?

Ideally, from the start of your internet business but, it is never too late to start it. You may be already a successfull entrepreneur and you want to bring in your devlopment a website to reinforce your company. Therefore, even if you are in business for a long time, your web communication plan may nest perfectly along the way.


What additional elements to consider?

After answering the basic questions, include the following:

– Evaluate and consider your resources (human and financial) to be in this plan;

– Plan possible barriers or emergencies;

– Specify with whom and through what media you will spread the message;

– Establish how you will evaluate your goals and when you will do it;


What is the aim of this approach?

The overall goal is to be recognized or more recognized in your community and attract the interest of potential customers. Establishing a clear communication will help recruit participants, partners or employees that will help you in your task.

The fact of gaining public support for your products and services by educating for example, will benefit your brand.

The communication plan help you advertise honors you receive or your success. The resolution of errors, misunderstandings or interpretations are identified and all your staff knows how to manage these situations. You get certainly a better reaction and evaluation of those who oppose you, such as competition.


The Audience

In your search to achieve your plan, ask yourself some questions:

– Are you trying to change attitudes or cause a reflection/progress on a specific topic?

– Geographically, to whom your products and services will served?

– Are you targeting several age groups?

– Do these people are part of an identifiable group? (Smoking, skilled worker, student …)

This is important because you need to adjust the message for each different group that you will speak to according to their age, gender, culture, etc.


Message Verification

Now that we have the objectives and the target audience, we must write the message. You will need to consider three key elements before sending your message:

a) What emotions are involved in your message?

Is your message aggressive? Too extreme or negative? The message would make someone uncomfortable versus religion, age, sex, addiction or other?

You must put yourself in the shoes of different characters and feel the message as these people. Usually it is better to use a positive message that unites more people.

b) Is the content of your message structured?

The message must demonstrate a clear communication structure. Your message must be transmitted with a minimum quality. Plan your phrases, lighten the text, choose the words and avoid spelling mistakes.

Make your message clear and linked to your audience. Adapt the language to the group with cultural references if necessary.

c) Is there a better communication language?

This is the place to choose if your message will be in English, French or both. It may also be in a language other than these.

Pay close attention to translations. Make sure the content is properly translated with quality. If the translation greatly reduces the text, do another web design for that language.

A loss on this level could incorporate feelings like something is missing or you mask critical information to them!


Methods to convey the message

This is the last step, which should in principle be easier because you know what to send, to whom, when and why!

You can send your message by:

– Advertized banners;

– Free or paid online ads;

– A partnership with other websites;

–  Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter …;

– Word of mouth !

This is the step that people jump directly to without asking themselves whether this is the right one. Having faith in luck or take a chance do not guarantee success .

You can actually over a period be lucky and get good results but rarely it will last if your decisions are not based on a good plan.

For your website, a communication plan is essential. It will spread your message to the right people at the lowest possible cost and with the highest efficiency!

Try it!

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02 May

Blog vs Forum, what’s the best solution?

forum ou blogue lequel choisir?


The goal of any business is to collect and engage customers. You have to want your clients to succeed in their projects to obtain success. You must be proactive and seek to meet their needs. To meet these requirements, you must offer them a solution to know them, to inform them and receive their comments.

Once a need is identified, the 24-hour rule applies. Your customers and visitors must get a response within 24 hours to their questions or problems.

If your client receives a response more quickly, or their issue is resolved, we can think that this customer feels privileged and will be a multiplying agent to develop your brand.

To capture the questions or meet its needs, you can note that there are several tools available.


Blog vs Forum What is the best choice for my website?

We must first see the difference between these two tools. There are also other tools that can better meet by their characteristics your needs or those of your customers.

Both the blog that the Forum will generate content on your website. The question is, you what the content be essentially yours or made by users? The aim is to inform or offer to solutions to problems? You want to manage issues of your customers primarily in private and with a knowledge base? What do you do exactly?

The tools available are not asking all the same level of commitment and competence.

The Blog has demonstrated its qualities making it a very popular and widespread tool. The “self-publishing” mode it provides allows you to develop your brand and in our opinion, this is the best solution for your website.

Since there are many other tools to communicate, have a look at them and then choose the best for yourself.


Available Solutions

To inform clients or visitors, you can use:

– The blog

– The forum

– A “chat” room

– Social networks

– Knowledge Base

– The online ticket system

– Mailing lists

– Emails


communication via site web

Fundamental differences of available tools

A Blog

The blog is a great tool to talk about yourself or your business. You are able to choose the subjects and get answers or simply post articles without requiring feedback.

The blog serves a longer content and this content is centralized on the author or authors defined by the blog owner. New articles are presented first. It is possible to optimize the SEO by the quality of its interventions.

The Blog ask a lot of imagination and innovation to keep the interest. To generate the commitment of customers, it requires more time and effort.


A Forum

A forum is a community. People can therefore discuss issues, create and respond to threads (subjects). The owner of the forum can use it to provide follow-up on software for example. Users mention their difficulties and can share their knowledge of this software with others.

The content is much more controlled by users, the SEO is not necessarily optimized. You may end up with short answers, and sometimes misspelled feedbacks and some  content which search engines can interpret as “spam”. New answers are usually at the beginning regardless of the topic is new or not.


A “chat” room

It is an instant communication tool with the possibility of follow live conversation in a private room or not. It is a rapid exchange like texting on a smartphone.

There is much use of abbreviations, there may also be several subjects and / or conversations that take place between users simultaneously. This can be a bit confusing for beginners.


Social networks

No real need to present them but let’s say they offer according to their nature, communication towards people who follow you.

Twitter is more for professionals, labor and corporate information. Facebook is mostly for personal life and friends. You need to adjust the content that you do on Twitter because if you comment or post like you do on Facebook, you will have some issues with other users!

Each social network has its purpose and its own philosophy. Be on those who go along with you and your company.


Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is a script that you install on your website or you deal with a popular platform that offer you an all include solution for your customers demands.

Essentially, the knowledge base is a reference place like a library, on the themes proposed in advance by the site owner to answer usual questions.

It is possible by looking at the subjects to learn about the philosophy of the company, its rules and ways to use the products or services.

99% of the time, the knowledge base comes with an online ticket system to inform customers about their private issues or particular problem.


The online ticket system

The online ticket system is ideal to offer support to its customers, monitor and compile statistics. It keeps track of every request to see his evolution over time and evaluate the resources used to address the issue.

The website owner can therefore analyze the efforts and the real costs of technical support in the business. The resolved tickets can then become reference tools that will be sent in the knowledge base.

For the client, knowing that his question is identified by an individual number provides a sense of security and ensures that he will get an answer. For the administrator, it avoids the failures, omissions and will keep in one place all the resolution process.


Mailing lists

Mailing lists require that visitors have registered first in your system. Ensure that your content is presented correctly to provoke that interest to them.

Often associated with online advertising, mailing lists offer the site administrator to send mass emails to pre-established lists of consumers.

If properly managed, they can adequately inform on an offer or a promotion but they are limited by registration and by their bad reputation.



Reply to emails, everyone did this! However responding via your own email address, you may get a lot of strange requests or SPAM!

Direct emails to customers should be limited. It is somewhat outdated for which other tools are hundreds of times better in quality.

It is best to use an integrated system portal than to use emails.

la solution pour communiquer - internet cloud canada

The solution

The solution or solutions you have found to handle the communication with your customers must be unique to your mission. Needless to copy the competition and end up with management problems of a portal that does not suit you!

The focus is on customer satisfaction. If your customers are satisfied, they will talk about your brand. Analyze well the pros and cons of these tools and offer the best possible service to your customers!

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